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    Togil Co. by designer Tod Gilpin

    Tod Gilpin, a career student of life, has studied Information Technology and Photography as well as earning his Degree in Fine Art and Applied Sciences. Through the course of his career, Tod has always followed his passion for visual communication, uncovering a natural vision and understanding of color theory, balance, flow and composition. All of these elements combined provide him with the resourcefulness to clarify complex challenges in a simplified and appealing visual presentation.

    Over the years, Tod has researched, experimented and discovered how a balanced blend of these talents and skills influence human perception. Throughout the past two decades as a Professional Designer, Photographer and Webmaster, Tod has earned many honors, awards and distinctions for his work. His talents and craftsmanship have been viewed around the world through fueled creativity, web user interface architecture, design excellence and unique development tactics.

    Honors ans Awards::
    Published in Rockport Publishers' "Master Library series"
    4 Gold Addy Awards
    2 HAF Citations of Excellence and a
    Bronze star from AAF.
    2 Horizon International Interactive Awards

    Tod is an artist who truly believes in the effectiveness of a clean and safe internet. When used correctly, the web can be a positive and safe place that connects and influences people throughout the world. As Tod continues his career, he looks forward to new challenges to channel his creativity and resourcefulness within our increasingly technologically advanced society.

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    • Tanglewoods Legacy Advisors

      "I have had Tod build three different websites for three different companies. In all cases he was timely, professional and enjoyable to work with. He is not just a programmer, but an artist - and it shows in the quality of his web designs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, skilled web designer at a competitive price."

      David Stuyck ~ Vice President

    • Bluware

      "I want to thank you and everyone at Togil for the incredible work you did to prepare us to ITEC. Tod struck an impressive balance between innovation, flexibility, and timeliness to get us prepared for this event. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done this without your help. Thanks so much to you and your team."

      - Deborah Simmons, Chief Financial Officer

      "Working with Tod has been a great experience. He was able to capture the spirit of who Bluware is and translate that into a cohesive brand. We’ve already started to see a reaction from our new logo, and are excited about how the new website will be received. The logo itself, meant to invoke the feeling of sharp, forward thinking teams, was chosen after six rounds of comps diligently produced by Tod and his team. We knew what we were looking for as soon as we saw it. Tod did an excellent job of taking our abstract ideas and concepts and putting pen-to-screen, as it were, to give us something tangible."

      - Michael Rowell, PR & Marketing Coordinator

Backgrounds are artwork from the Togil collection. Original works by:
Tod Gilpin

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